Taco Joint

The Taco Joint, a small, quick-casual Tex-Mex chain (breakfast, lunch and dinner) located in Dallas, TX was looking to refresh its public facing website to be more better positioned for growth.

They wanted an evolved site to be more user and SEO friendly to prospective patrons, to appear more legitimate to potential investors/landlords and to be more affirming of its unique connection with the local Dallas communities in which its four stores reside.


The Taco Joint


Information Architecture, Design

Taco Joint Homepage
Brand Guidelines Taco Joint


We started by doing research on similar restaurants in the DFW area. What we found is that Taco Joint’s unique and quirk brand personality thrived in local neighborhoods. To make sure that we captured this personality we had to obsess over the details. This include incorporating flying tacos, movie quotes, playful photography and custom illustrations.

When you’re working on a restaurant website the problem is content order. Since Taco Joint is currently opening new locations in different markets we decided the location content should be first. This flow made sure that new customers would be aware of the closest Taco Joint to them. We also decided to create individual location pages. These landing pages would be an integral part of the paid promotion strategy.

Desktop screens for Taco Joint